Victoriathe Lady of the river

first shape : Vicky

All she ever wanted, was for someone to pick her up and allow her to hover above the water, for her true beauty lied underneath.

Christian met Victoria in a book, back in the days when he was studying interior architecture. He then knew that they would meet again, but had no idea when, where, or under what circonstances.

As COVID 19 worked its way through the world, and  everyone was cooped up at home : the best escape was to dream and to rethink about projects that once seemed unrealistic.
Christian and Victoria wondered how they could meet again other than in books. One of the solutions would have been to visit the regions in South America, where Victoria is originally from but that was too complicated to plan.

As it turns out, Victoria had grown in a few places in France, among which the botanical garden Jean-Marie Pelt in Nancy. Christian established a dialog with the garden’s ward and explained his wish to get a sample of Victoria (Cruziana, in this case). At first they were reluctant and that came as no surprise but after some time the idea grew on them.